Cloud Hosting

Benefits of Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is the best type of shared hosting available on the internet. There are many advantages to using shared hosting servers. Cloud hosting comprises of a net work of multiple clusters or computers that share or host data on the server. Having a large number of units or hardware allows for a more reliable hosting option. There are a few advanced options to consider when choosing cloud hosting.

There are three types of cloud hosting: public private and hybrid. Public cloud hosting is when the hosting provider will allow for data on the server to be spread across a wealth of publicly managed hardware. Private cloud hosting is when the hosting provider is responsible or owns the hardware that stores the data on the server. Hybrid hosting is when the server comprises a mix of both public and private data sources.

Flexibility and Reliability

Cloud hosting allows you to own effectively your own virtual server without having the stress or responsibility of completely owning the physical server. This gives users a wealth of possibilities of flexibility to transform their hosting options to suit their needs. Depending on the quality of the account, users will be able to upload any software or database onto their account.

If a part of the server fails for any reason, the user´s account will be transferred to another cluster in order to keep it running. Some premium accounts offer services such as disaster recovery


Cloud hosting uses a genius method of storing data on various computers that can then be easily accessible on a server. Cloud hosting providers use high storage technology and complex systems to guarantee user satisfaction.  Most hosting servers provide a data back up service and copy data on multiple clusters in case something were to happen to any part of the server.

Expanding Usage and Unlimited Bandwidth

More servers can easily be added in order to provide more features, bandwidth disk space and effective management. Users can limit or expand their server consumption at any time and only have to pay for what was used. It is almost like a pay as you go type system. Many hosting providers claim to give unlimited disk space this is not entirely true, but an enormous amount of disk space is readily available with a cloud hosting option and most users will not exceed their quota. A quota can be easily enlarged if need be as extra servers can be added to the network and effectively expand the cloud. The amount and speed of bandwidth will change according to how much data is loaded onto a disk space. The speed of bandwidth also depends on the hosting provider. Some providers offer better services than others do.

Operating System and Features

Cloud servers can support a wealth of different applications that can be easily uploaded onto the server. Some of these include DB2, Outlook, Linux, Oracle, Solaris, Web Logic and all Windows programs. Web hosting companies will support either Widows or Linux depending on what users wish to use.


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