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Cloud Hosting or Dedicated Server Hosting?

Choosing a web-hosting provider is difficult. Choosing what type of webhosting best suits your needs can be daunting as there are so many options. There are several options because there is a high demand for more complex web hosting options. Shared hosting is a good option for those who wish to save on money and get a quality paid hosting service. Dedicated hosting services can be more pricey but necessary for larger corporations. Both hosting types have their pros and cons and are suitable for different reasons. Webmasters should ask themselves what exactly they want from a hosting service and how much they can spend. Both cloud hosting and dedicated hosting plans offer users a powerful, well-designed and effective hosting option to manage a website better.


Dedicated hosting services are more secure than any shared hosting options because users do not share any data, software or server functionality with anyone. Cloud hosting is a shared hosting and is less secure as data is shared among multiple PC´s and sometimes shared on multiple servers if the cloud is merged. Hosting companies help users by giving advice on how to better implement security systems and take precautions to stay safe online.

Bandwidth and Disk Space Allocation

Both Cloud hosting and dedicated hosting services allow for a large amount of disk space and bandwidth speed. Cloud hosting is able to extend its disk space by adding more computers to it network, this is easily done and users can lessen or expand their disk space whenever they wish. This makes cloud hosting the most flexible hosting service online to date. Dedicated hosting plans are molded to suit needs of the client, because the client is alone on a server they are granted large quantities of disk space and bandwidth speed depends on how the client manages the server. An overloaded server will be slow. It would take a very large website to overload a private dedicated hosting package. Larger companies will opt for larger hosting packages to sustain traffic and over all website management.

Managing Your Own Server

The main feature of dedicated servers is that clients will be given full root access to their system this allows an administrator to shape and design the server to fit the needs of the website. The only consequence to having a dedicated hosting server is responsibility. Users are, depending on their hosting package, completely responsible for the upkeep and the monitoring of their server. Although hosting providers offer help tips, tutorials and online assistance administrators should know a little about hosting servers before signing up. Cloud servers offer some of the same advantages to that of dedicated server plans but without the same responsibility and technical knowledge


Cloud hosting servers comprise of many servers that cohabit the cloud. This means essentially that as a user your data is dispersed and stored among many different computers. This ensures for a more reliable hosting service. Dedicated hosting services consist of only one dedicated server. This one server is solely organized to suit the needs of the one user.

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