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How to Choose a Cloud Hosting Server

Choosing a web-hosting provider is never easy. Cloud hosting is a scalable infrastructure that can move with flexibility along with the size of your website. There is nothing quite like it. Shared hosting has been popular on the Internet for some time, but cloud hosting is the supreme version of shared web hosting. How to go about choosing a reliable server to suit your hosting needs?

Operating platform

Deciding on an operating platform is difficult. Most individual users stick to what they know and continue to use Windows for web hosting. Although Windows is a brilliant platform, users should research both Linux and Windows platforms to see what will best suit their web hosting needs. Linux is popular among web hosting providers while Windows is a more popular platform for individual users. Most individual users opt for Windows because they are comfortable with the design. On the other hand, Linux may be a better option if you are interested in saving money because it is open-source free software.

Additional services

Some web hosting companies will provide additional services to stand out against the competitive market. What most companies do is to package their services according to their perception of market needs. It is a good idea to research thoroughly every package or hosting box to see if you can conveniently get the services, you desire for better value.

Bandwidth and disk space

Web hosting companies advertise that cloud hosting provides users with unlimited disk space and superb bandwidth. This is somewhat true. It all depends on how large the user’s site is. Generally speaking, cloud hosting is one of the most flexible hosting services as it can bend to suit users’ bandwidth and disk space requirements.


Different providers offer different types of support. Most providers will offer similar types of support. However, because the market is competitive, providers will attempt to attract customers by tailoring their support services. Some types of support include telephone email and live chat support as well as 24-hour assistance. Some providers will also provide training and tips on how to improve one’s website.


The costs of a web provider will vary greatly depending on what services and packages they offer. In general, cloud hosting is cheaper than dedicated hosting plans, but it is recommended that potential users compare prices online and get the best value for their money.

Existing customers

One way to determine whether a hosting provider is reliable is to check what existing customers have said on online forums. This is a handy way to understand the type of service web hosting companies provide.

Control Panel

The control panel is a necessary tool for any webmaster. Some control panels will have added impressive features whereas others will be set up with options that are more basic. From the control panel, users will be able to set up email accounts, manage FTP transfers, and effectively manage their accounts. Understanding which control panel layout you are most comfortable with is essential, as this panel will be the main point of access to your entire account and will determine whether you are successful at managing your online data effectively.


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