Cloud Hosting

Understanding Cloud Hosting

Webhosting is growing by the day as more and more people wish to put something of themselves or their business online. With this demand comes an increasing demand for better hosting packages and services. The online market is very competitive and technology is advancing everyday.

Shared hosting is the most popular type of paid hosting online. Cloud hosting is a type of shared hosting. It is economical and easy to use. Unlike free hosting, shared hosting does not require users to advertise third parties on their individual web pages. Unlike dedicated hosting, shared hosting is cheap and reliable. Reliability is one of the biggest selling points for shared hosting and users are continually signing up for shared hosting accounts because of this.


There is nothing worse than setting up your website, uploading onto a paid server and then experiencing excessive downtime. Some servers are more reliable than others are.  Cloud hosting is very reliable as the network is spread over a large amount of computers. Unlike shared hosting, cloud hosting can place user data on a variety of clusters, moving this data easily as needed. If a hard drive on the server fails, it will not affect your data; the server will simply move your data to a more accessible point on the cloud. Data is copied and stored on multiple servers. This provides a safety net if anything were to go wrong at any point on any of the servers. In other words, if one computer on the cloud has a problem, it will not affect your website or the functionality of the server. Cloud servers are extremely flexible. The cloud is always available with very few glitches.

Easy to use

On a cloud, you can use different types of software that would not normally be compatible. For example, you can use PHP alongside ASP. Cloud servers can run on Windows and Linux and you can obtain a hosting package in either form from your hosting provider.


Cloud servers are cheaper than dedicated servers are. In fact, shared servers are the cheapest category of hosting types available online. It is a good bargain considering that a reliable server will hardly let you down. Users only pay for the resources that they have already used.

Network benefits and strength

People who use cloud hosting experience minimal amounts of downtime; the server is reliable and can easily shift a problem on the cloud to a different piece of hardware.

Cloud hosting is a powerful and limitless type of hosting, which is why it is the most popular form of all shared hosting packages. The amount of processing power and bandwidth is available on demand at large volumes. This flexibility allows users to expand when they need and allows for a sudden influx of net traffic to a particular site.

Cloud hosting is a good option for big websites with large amounts of traffic. If you require unlimited disk space, large amounts of bandwidth, a powerful network with a reliable service cloud hosting is the more economical option.

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